Nellie Clay

Leap year album, campaign on the way...

 photo by Stacie Huckeba

In the next 24-48 hours I'm launching a fundraising campaign via PLEDGE MUSIC that I am going to be asking for friends to help me with. It's a little nerve-wracking to do it, but I really want my record to come out this year, and I need a lil help from my amigos. I'm so proud of this album. The music is finished, I just need help getting it into your hands. I've worked hard on many levels making music and becoming the writer I want to be, and finally I have something that I feel is representative of me. So bear with me friends, I think we'll all be toasting each other soon. 

I also have more exciting news. I have a booking agent. Yay! Stacy Lee at Perfect Pitch Booking  and I are working together to help me get out on the road and play some shows to support my record. I am really excited to see what happens next. 

Folk Alliance 2016 in Kansas City last week was the best ever. Alliances were formed in the folkiest of ways. A bunch of weirdos in a contained space getting overdosed in song. Seriously good times. I was fortunate to play some of my own showcases this year, and the highlights of them were playing with John Calvin Abney, who I absolutely adore beyond comprehension.  We did some live sessions in the Sweetwater Pop Up studio and soon I'll be able to post what was going on there. 

 This is my foot and couch fringe, courtesy of John Calvin Abney. Photo by Nellie Clay.   

Next week Nellie Clay and I are coming up to Ohio and Michigan to do a couple shows. We'll be at the Big Room Bar in Columbus, as well as the Pump House House concert in East Lansing, and another house show in Dayton OH. Send me a message for details on the house shows if you'd like to be included. 

See ya on the internet, but hopefully you can find some time for sunshine too! 


On the way to the Brooklyn Americana Music Fest!

September has been flying by! Between touring and hanging out at the Americana Music Fest in Nashville, I also moved into a new house! Not yet unpacked, I'm packing a small bag and heading to New York this weekend to play the Brooklyn Americana Music Festival! Jeff Burke will be joining me and we will play in New Jersey on Friday night to play at Clinton Elks Lodge on Sidney Road in Pittstown NJ and then we'll head over to Brooklyn on Saturday to play the festival. We will be under the Archway at 5 PM and then performing as THE FREE AGENTS at Superfine at 9PM. There are lots of great acts at the 3 day festival and everything is FREE!!!!! Here is a link to the fest!

Also, in OCTOBER I will be participating weekly in the CAMPFIRE PROPAGANDA residency at the 5 SPOT, every THURSDAY from 6-8 PM... CAMPFIRE PROPAGANDA is a collective of artists in EAST NASHVILLE who are collaborating on each other's music and celebrating the fact we live in MUSIC CITY and making the music we want to make. It currently consists of TIM EASTON, NELLIE CLAY, BRIAN WRIGHT, DARRIN BRADBURY, and me. We'll also have some special guests joining us each week and we promise it will be a good time! 


Well, it's mid July and it's almost too hot to go outside. I agreed to run a race in the fall with my friends, and I know I need to get out there and start training, but I can't seem to get out of the house early enough before the 90's emerge. (Not the decade, even though the dream of the 90's is still alive in many of our minds)  At least iced coffee and I get along. This weekend my friend Dylan Lee Johnston dropped off a couple of bikes he found at a yard sale. They were in good condition. We rode around all day Saturday, and even though it was hot and I hate riding uphill, the breeze felt great and we got to work our legs and ride through Shelby Bottoms and it was an overall satisfying experience. Speaking of Dylan, I am getting ready to join him in the studio this week in the making of his record. He has some amazing songs and I'd to share this link so you can check out his music and consider donating to his kickstarter campaign. No one who is a creative person really enjoys asking for money and soon I will be doing the same for my record (which is about halfway there, so excited though)  Here is the link!!...

Meanwhile, I have a few weeks off the road and I'm integrating all the fun times I've had so far this summer. Most recently I was at 'Woodyfest' which is the annual Woody Guthrie Festival held every year in Okemah, Oklahoma. Again I had a great time playing with Tim Easton, Amy Speace, Nellie Clay, and David Amram. This year's festival was bigger than ever, with so many of my friends performing, it was truly special. One of the most touching parts of Woodyfest this year was witnessing the Oklahoma community of musicians saying farewell to their friend Tom Skinner. He was an influential songwriter to so many people, and was booked to play Woodyfest this year. Unfortunately he was admitted to the hospital right before the festival began and it was known he would not recover. Everyone who knew him found ways to send tributes to him, visit him in the hospital, and send their energy toward him throughout the weekend. He passed away last Sunday as the festival concluded, but I feel clear that he knew he was loved. 

Above, is Tim Easton, David Amram and me at the conclusion of Woodyfest. Below, a tribute to Tom Skinner...