We did it!

About 2 week’s ago, with two of my dear sisters, Amanda and Betty, I completed the Mt. Hood 1/2 Marathon. It was pretty surreal. We woke up at 2:45 AM in order to get to the bus on time and road up the mountain. We stood around nervously with the other runners until the 5:30 AM start time and then... ran down the mountain! It was beautiful and under a full moon to start. We moved along quickly to start since we were going downhill. My sisters were super sweet to me and stayed with me even though I was pacing slower than them. Yet, I was faster than I had been in the humidity soaked south where I’d been training. Around mile 11/12 I was pretty over the whole experience but they kept me going. I ate a GU and pushed through. It’s pretty amazing g what you can convince yourself to do sometimes. It felt like a great accomplishment to finish in just over two hours. Maybe I’ll even do it again someday!