Many thanks to everybody around me...

I can't even begin to start to summarize all the events of the past month. First of all, I had the most amazing times at my release shows in Columbus Ohio at Natalie's Coal Fired Pizza, Comfest, and Dick's Den.  I was so happy to deliver my record there first and also feel the love of the Columbus community. I raced back to Nashville to do another release at the Basement East that proved to match the love and fun of the Columbus run! I felt so fortunate to be able to do these shows in lieu of some more challenging news I received about myself during the time I was preparing to do these shows. 

To my surprise, and in the way things work in the most mysterious ways, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of May. The month of June has proven to be a new wave of me learning to be a patient versus being a nurse. I am preparing to have surgery on Friday July 8th. I feel very hopeful and optimistic that I will be back in a little while, but I have a journey ahead of me I certainly did not expect. 

I have been blessed with so much love and caring around me, I have been overwhelmed with gratitude. Never in my life have I had a window into seeing how many people care about me. I want everyone to know how much I appreciate their support and love and healing they are sending to me at this time. I can't wait to be back to playing music and seeing this as a bump in the road.

 From the show at The Basement East by Stacie Huckeba