Back in the states!

 Windmill in Vierhuizen, Netherlands   

My trip with Amy to England/Holland/Germany was super fun. It flew by and we really enjoyed ourselves... now it's back to Tennessee where spring has sprung. Feeling really lucky we were able to travel all of the wonderful places and meet all kinds of fun european hosts who served us non stop piles of bread and cheeses. 

here's a reveiw from our London show:

While I was in Holland, Pledge Music interviewed me about what I was up to. Here's the link to the interview!

I only have about 10 days to go. I'm pretty nervous about this. I'm working hard to spread the word, and hope it works out. That's all about that. 

Here's a fun picture from our tour! 

 Amy and me in Friesland, Holland, in the garden of fairies right before our show in Oenkerk.