Hoppy Easter update! 1/2 way to the Pledge completion!

 Photo by Stacie Huckeba taken at Fran's East Side Tavern

Hi there! It's been a very busy and fun month so far. In embarking upon a fundraising campaign (and I've never done this before) I was pretty nervous and stressed out. I'm so grateful that so many friends have already pledged. I have reached 41% of my goal so far. Of course I am still nervous about this as I'm getting ready to go on tour abroad in England, Holland and Germany with Amy Speace, and I'm pretty sure I'll be online but I might not have as much time to put my energies into this campaign. 

I want to share with you briefly WHY I need your help still. Even though I self-funded the entire recording myself, there are still so many costs involved in getting this record into the physical form, and also heard by people outside my inner circle. I'm in the process of pressing vinyl and cd's, and also choosing a PR helper. I won't go into details, but hiring PR really helps in getting people to know about a release beyond what I can do myself. It's a strange world we live in, but to make this happen is actually more than what you can imagine per month (we are talking like, more than a mortgage and car payment) These folks do a good job though, so I understand. In a grass roots campaign such as this one, it gets pricey. But I do believe it's important. ANYWAY, long story short, if you would please do me a favor and share my campaign with friends, family, etc... people who you know that I may not know, that might be interested in helping out and being a part of this endeavor. I'll be forever grateful. 


It is looking like I am set to have an official release in June! I'll be in Columbus OH for Comfest and already have shows booked at Natalie's Coal Fired Pizza on June 22, and Dick's Den on June 26th. Soon I'll also be announcing my Nashville record release, and I'm getting really excited about the chance to play these songs with a live band! 

Thanks again! xoxoxo m