Thanks and Gratitude

These are my parents' dogs, Lily & Olivia.  They just came to visit for Thanksgiving. I was surprised when they showed up... here they are afraid they will be left behind as my parents are loading the car. I don't think I've ever felt this way, because my parents never did that... I'm just grateful I have them, and that they are willing to drive 8 hours to spend a holiday with me. It's truly heartwarming, and I feel kind of lost after they leave. I'm happy to share them (and their dogs) with you if you are ever lonely or in need of some parental love. They will probably bring you things in mass quantities as well, perhaps things they have already given you, and then they may ask you where you got some of the things they gave you, because they forgot they gave them to you. They will also put together a gas grill, buy you new shoes, bake you pies, and insist on filling your house with groceries. But most of all, they listen and care more than you can imagine, and that is inspiring to me. They also like to participate in family phone time, as shown below!

Thanks for visiting, Mom and Dad. I miss you already, and you are barely out of Tennessee!