More studio time... tours coming up in September

Last week I went back to Club Roar in Nashville to work on my record. Larry Cook and Tony Scherr flew down from New York. Jon Radford was available to play drums. Tim Easton was fresh back from Alaska (I think he still smells like fish) and we knocked out another 5 songs. I think we are getting close to finishing this record and soon I'll be raising some funds to help get it out into the world. I really believe in it, and it's exciting to hear the music coming back my way. One of the last things we did was some gang vocals on a John Hartford song. It was a special feeling to sing together...

I leave next week to meet up with Jason Crosby in California. We are doing several shows on the west coast... after that I'll be to Texas with Amy Speace, then the AMA's! 

More to come!